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Nov 22

Written by: Hong De Administrator
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 4:55 PM 

The finals for the 15th National Malaysian Lion Dance competition was held in the Arena of the Stars in Genting last weekend. A total of 20 teams participated in the Preliminary held over two days. The top eight teams performed in the Finals on Sunday 21/11. With thanks to modern technology, we were able to get live score updates straight from the Arena! We would like to thank Donovan (Khuan Loke) and Gary (Kun Seng Keng) for keeping us updated over the three days.

The Finals results are listed below:
1. Johor Muar Kun Seng Keng 9.20
2. Sabah Tawau Maha Bodhi 9.13
3. Kedah Hong Teck (Hong De) 9.11
4. Kedah Bei Her 9.10
5. Kuala Lumpur Hok Seng 8.99
6. Johor Bahru Kun Seng Keng 8.98 (0.1 deduction)
7. Sabah Yick Nam 8.80 (0.2 deduction)
8. Selangor Sungei Way Khuan Loke 8.60 (0.5 deduction)

Congratulations to all the teams. The top three teams will compete in the International Lion Dance Competition next year, we hope to watch them compete in Genting!


Results from the Preliminaries held on 18th-19th November in Genting:

Johor Muar Kun Seng Keng 9.17
Kedah Bei Her 9.10
Sungei Way Khuan Loke 9.10
Kedah Hong Teik 9.08
Johor Bahru Kun Seng Keng 9.07
Sabah Yick Nam 9.03
KL Hok Seng 8.96
Tawau Maha Bodhi 8.90
Subang Khuan Loke 8.89
Penang Mei Hu 8.88
Pahang Kin Cho Hong 8.65
Subang Hong Jing 8.63
Johor Taman Desa MCA 8.57
Perak Hoong Tuck 8.54
Sembilan Mantin 7.89
Johor Wen Ching 7.66
Sabah Che Siang Khor 7.58
Kepong Kok Hing 7.14
Selayang Hong Wu - fell, did not complete

Sabah Yik Nam - fell did not complete



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Hong De Lion Dance Friends

Hong De Lion Dance Association would like to acknowledge support (with loan of equipment, recommendations, coaching) and friendship from the following lion and dragon dance teams:

Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association, Brisbane
Gingmo Academy, Perth
Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne, Melbourne
Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Malaysia
Hong De Lion Dance Association, Subang, Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n,  Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Indonesia
Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Ass'n, Singapore
Kong Ha Hong Lion Dance, Indonesia
Hung Gar Yau Shu, Melbourne
Chinese Youth League, Sydney
Jin Wu Koon, Sydney
Cheung Keung Lion Dance, Sydney
Cheung Keng Lion Dance, Hong Kong
Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance, Canberra
Deng Sifu, Melbourne
Siow Sifu, Wan Seng Hang, Malaysia
Ting Sifu, Singapore Dragon & Lion Athletic Association 
Quah Beng Chye, Penang, Malaysia
Yi Sifu, Singapore Yi Long International

Members of Hong De, Khuan Yee, Singapore Yi Wei and UK Yi Dao with Siow Sifu outside Wan Seng Hang

Hong De, Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League and Khuan Yee at Market City LionFest2008

Glen Waverley Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival 2009 - Hong De and Khuan Yee teams

Hong De and Prosperous Mountain LD (Canberra) at the Sydney Opera House

Jin Wu Koon, Chinese Youth League, Prosperous Mountain and Hong De at the Sydney Opera House

Khuan Yee and Hong De lions at The CNY and Lantern Festival, Glen

 Moomba Parade 2010 - DTF's from CYSM, HGYS and Hong De

Indonesia KSK and Kong Ha Hong, Sentosa, Singapore - 2011

Centenary Concert with CYSM and HGYS (2011)

Melbourne Chinatown

Indonesia Kong Ha Hong, Jakarta

Indonesia Kun Seng Keng, Jakarta

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