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Jul 24

Written by: Hong De Administrator
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 12:27 PM 

The 10th Genting World Lion Dance was held last weekend in Malaysia. There were a total of 25 participants in this biennial event from USA, Australia, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, Singapore, China, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong and of course Malaysia. The event started with two days of preliminary with the top 9 joining the defending Champion from 2010 (Malaysia Kun Seng Keng) in the Finals on Sunday. Australia was represented by two teams from Sydney - Cheung Keung and Jin Wu Koon. For the Cheung Keung team, Henry and Willis have been there many times before and scored 8.17 on the first day. The Jin Wu Koon team introduced two new competitors Ian and Matty - both have been to Genting before but not under the lion. Due to two falls, they only scored 5.59 (not a bad effort for first timers). For the first time since 1994, the infamous Muar KSK team has been dethroned by another Malaysian team. The 2012 Champion is the Kedah Hong Teik Lion Dance Association (our brother Hong De school). Congratulations to all the participants. More photos and video links can be found on our Facebook fanpage. All the preliminary scores are listed as well.

Kedah Hong Teik lion actionThe finals results:
Champion - Malaysia Kedah Hong Teik (9.27)
1st Runner Up - Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Team D (9.25)
2nd Runner Up - Malaysia Muar Kun Seng Keng (9.22)
4th - Singapore Wei Yong (9.13)
5th - Singapore Kuan San Tang (9.10)
6th - USA San Francisco Leung's White Crane (9.04)
7th - Indonesia Kong Ha Hong (9.03)
8th - Taiwan Chinese Taipei Yongping (8.98)
9th - Macau Hong Vai (8.94)
10th - Singapore Yio Chu Kang (8.93)

Photo credits: Long-Shi and Kedah Hong Teik








Preliminary Scores in order:

Australia Cheung Keung in actionAustralia Jin Wu Koon in actionMalaysia Kedah Hong Teik 9.19
Malaysia Kun Seng Keng Muar 9.15
Singapore Kuan San Tang 9.11
Singapore Wei Yong 9.09
Singapore Yio Chu Kang 9.07
USA San Francisco White Crane 9.05
Indonesia Kong Ha Hong 9.04
Macau Hong Vai 8.97
Taiwan Chinese Taipei Yongping Industry and Commerce 8.96
China Shenzhen Fuyong Qiaotou 8.96
Indonesia Dragon and Lion Dance 8.95
China Shanghai Athletic University 8.85
China Foshan Nanhai Bi Lin Tang 8.84
Indonesia Persobarin Sumut 8.83
Hong Kong Wushu Union 8.80

Muar Kun Seng Keng Musicians outfits!Indonesia Kong Ha HongJapan Yokohama Overseas Chinese School 8.72
Taiwan Taipei Nam Sieng 8.64
Taiwan Taipei  Sheng Xiang Men 8.37
Australia Cheung Keung 8.17
Malaysia Sabah Tawau Maha Bodhi Society 8.08
Burma Myanmar Yangon Sint Oh Dan A 7.57
Brunei Chinese Chamber of Commerce 7.28
Australia Jin Wu Koon 5.59
Burma Myanmar Yangon Sint Oh Dan B 4.44
Thailand Dragon and Lion Federation - unable to complete 



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