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Malaysian 14th National Lion Dance Championships

The all-awaited biennial lion dance competition was held in the Arena of the Stars in Genting, Malaysia this weekend.  The top three winners of this competition are eligible to compete for the World Lion Dance title next year. A total of 40 teams entered the Single Lion category. For the first time this year a Double Lion category was introduced with 9 teams registered. After 3 very exciting days of of competitions, we are pleased to announce the winners in the two categories.

Single Lion Results
1st - Kun Seng Keng Team D (9.24)
2nd - Kwong Ngai (9.22)
3rd - Gor Chor (8.99)
4th - Khuan Loke (8.96)
5th - Khuan Loke (8.94)

Double Lion Results
1st - Khuan Loke (8.74)
2nd - Nam Wah (8.69)
3rd - Wen Chin (8.36)

Congratulations to the winners and the participating teams. For more details of scores, please visit the website.

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