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Lion Dance

If one traces back to the roots and history of lion dance, one would discover that lion, the animal itself, did not exist in China. The "Lion" itself, was a creature that people worshipped as Gods, to rid of sickness and drought. The history of Chinese worshipping animal creatures as Gods can be tracked back all the way to the Han Dynasty.

Dragon Dance

In April 2013, our Association added Dragon Dance to our performance repertoire. We are very honoured to have Dragon Master, Sifu Roger Ting Wan Kee from Singapore Dragon & Lion Dance Association to coach us Fuzhou Style Dragon Dance. In August 2015, we became part of the International Fuzhou Dragon Dance Alliance. 

What we do

Book us to perform at your next function. We are available for Corporate events, Shop/Office Openings, Ground Breaking, School performances or workshops, Product launch, weddings, birthdays and anything else you can throw at us! 

A HUGE thank you to you and the Hong De Lion and Dragon Dance Association for a beautiful performance at the Premiers Gala dinner on Saturday night. We feel honored to have showcased the LED dragon in it’s first performance in Melbourne and felt it really was the perfect way to begin the night. Your team was an absolute pleasure to work with and made our jobs very easy.

Meg Larkin - Multicultural Arts Victoria, Mar2019

Enquire About Training or Performance

Contact us to book a performance.