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The Association

The Hong De Lion Dance Association (墨爾本 弘德國術會) was formed in April 2008 by a group of passionate lion dancers. The founding members formed the Committee of the Association. The Hong De Lion Dance Association is a member of the International Hong Teck Association. In 2013, Dragon Dance was introduced and our name has been changed to Hong De Lion and Dragon Dance Association.

Our coaches have many years experience in the art of Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance. The Association aims to teach and promote the art to the community. Our instructors have been taught and inspired by Sifu Deng Chi Tang in the art of Futsan (Foshan) style lion dancing and by Sifu Siow Ho Phiew (蕭斐弘) in the art of Hok San Sar Ping Lion Arts Lui Lineage (沙坪呂派獅藝) style of lion dance. Both lion dance masters have influenced the performing styles of our lion. We have dragon dance coaches who are disciples of Sifu Roger Ting Wan Kee (陳源基) from Singapore Dragon and Lion Athletic Association (星洲龍獅體育會). 

The Name

Hong De Guo Shu Hui (in Pinyin) was the name given to us by Siow Sifu. 'Hong' (弘) means great or magnificent and is part of Siow Sifu’s name. 'De' (德) means virtue or morals. ’Guo Shu Hui‘ (國術會) translates to Chinese (Martial/Lion Dance) Arts Association.

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Specialist Instructors

Buddha Dance (大頭佛)

Sifu Deng Chi Tang (鄧熾堂), Melbourne

Hok San Sar Ping Lion Arts Lui Lineage (沙坪呂派獅藝)

Sifu Siow Ho Phiew (蕭斐弘), Malaysia

Sifu Charles Nee (林漢財), Hong Teck Sports Association Australia, Brisbane

Kyle Tin (田瑤輝), Hong Teck Sports Association Australia, Brisbane

Sifu Chong Kok Fu (鐘國富), Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance, Muar, Malaysia

Fuzhou Dragon Dance (福州龍藝) 

International Fuzhou Dragon Alliance

Sifu Roger Ting Wan Kee (陳源基) Singapore Dragon and Lion Athletic Association (星洲龍獅體育會), Singapore

Music Coach Wayne Quah Beng Chye (柯明財), Penang, Malaysia

Coaches Kazuya and Carol Seet from SDLAA, Singapore


We are members of:

Confederation of Sar Ping Lion Dance (2008-2014)
Australian Lion and Dragon Dance Federation
International Hong Teck Association (May2015- )
International FuZhou Dragon Alliance (Aug2015- )
Australian Chinese Events Committee (2009- )
Monash Chinese Events Organising Committee (2008-)

Lion Dance Competitions

2011 - Resorts World Sentosa World Lion Dance Competition, Singapore

2017 - Penang International Lion Dance Competition, Malaysial

Eastland 2019
Workshop conducted by Sifu Roger Ting - 31Mar2019

Performance Bookings

Cecilia - 0422 439 114

请搜 Wechat - CeciliaHsieh1960
(English, Mandarin and Cantonese)

Denis - 0425 849 998

Vincent - 0413 132 531
(English and Cantonese)

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