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Now that Chinese New Year is over and a few members have now come back from overseas, our members were able get together to celebrate a successful performing season.  We welcome back Ernest and Colin who were in Kuala Lumpur with Khuan Loke during Chinese New Year and also Vincent and Emily who just came back from their honeymoon (they headed off to Hong Kong on the same night ...

The Hong De lion was at Cina restaurant in Armadale on Tuesday 10th March to celebrate its first birthday.  The loud music attracted some on-lookers as our lion performed inside a fully booked out restaurant.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday!  Thanks Eric for booking us! ...

The Hong De Lion Dance Association was at Doncaster today to help raise funds for the Salvation Army Victorian Bushfire Appeal.  The crowd was entertained by various groups including the CYSM Dragon team and various dancing and singing groups.  Several activities were held throughout the day to entertain the crowd.  The event was organised by the Australian Chinese Event Commit ...

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