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Bendigo Easter Festival 2019

Our team participated for the first time at the Bendigo Easter Festival this year. We were very priviledged to be invited to the unveiling and the dotting of the new Imperial Dragon 'Dai Gum San' prior to the Festival. The weekend was wonderfully hosted by the Bendigo Chinese Association who looked after 8 international and interstate teams! Amongst the participants were:

- Hung C Lau from Hong Kong
- Darwin Chung Wah
- Sydney Chinese Youth League
- Canberra Prosperous Mountain
- Chinese Masonic Society
- Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne
- Hung Gar Yau Shu
- Melbourne Hong De
- Bendigo Chinese Association

We had a lot of fun performing for the Spring Festival and Awakening events. The O'Brien Torchlight Parade was a lot of fun with a huge crowd watching on the Saturday night. Sunday's main parade took a long time due to the greeting with all the Imperial Dragons. We were so lucky to be part of this auspicious event. Thank you BCA for hosting such a great event!!

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